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Food Quality & Provenance at the heart of our business

Food Quality & Provenance at the heart of our business
June 5, 2020 Nick

Talking about food quality and provenance is nothing new for Paella Fella. We founded our business 10 years ago on the pillars of food quality and continue to advocate for this today. Last year we launched our internal magazine, Socarrat Secrets, in which we dedicated a whole edition to the importance of food provenance, knowing where our ingredients come from, selecting local British suppliers and specialist Spanish suppliers, all to ensure the quality of our menu.

Today, we’re asking our customers to join us in safeguarding our UK Food standards and quality by petitioning the government not to lower our existing Food Standard Regulations. Brexit negotiations and our exit from the European Union is leading the government to make new trade deals which severely compromise the quality of the foods we allow into the UK, and impact on British farming and food standards.

We are what we eat. Lets ensure we all have access to the best quality foods by upholding our food standards and supporting UK farming and producers.

Sign the Petition by clicking the link below.



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Socarrat Secrets dedicated to Paella Fella’s philosophy on Food, Quality and Provenance.